Genkainada (North of Kyusyu) Fishing trip for Jigging

We went fishing to Genkai nada (North of Kyushu Island) on August 20th, 2016.
Our fishing friend who lives in Fukuoka asked us to come and went fishing together.
3 people from Momoi went there, Yoshi, Yuko and Ken.

We were planning to go on 21st but changed to 20th 9:00 in the morning due to the forecast of bad stormy weather on 21st.
So, we departed at 2:00 in the early morning after our work on 19th and having short nap.
And we arrived the destination at 8:30 in the morning after almost 7hours drive.
The boat we took was “Kaisho maru” which main port is Nata, Fukuoka.
Our target was Hiramasa (King Fish) by jigging.
As soon as we arrive there, we start fishing in the off shore targeted the King fish and Yellow tail.

The main line was Momoi’s Jigline MX8 0.28mm and the leader line was Momoi’s shock leader 60lb.
For the jig, we equipped Fast Flip of Gearlab. This item allures the targets by just retrieving action and Ken hit the small lizardfish. We released it soon. After that Ken changed the jig to Inchiku of Assist Kobo. He retrieved slowly and tried to attract the fish to the Inchiku. Soon Ken got the target. It was red spotted grouper and Ken got excited by this target.

Later we transferred to the jigging point near Iki island, but the wind and the wave was so strong and the bolt jolts very bad.
Due to the lack of sleep, Both Yuko and Ken felt sea sick.
Especially Yuko felts nausea but she repeated the jerking again and again.
She is the iron woman.

After all we could not catch King fish or Yellow tail because of the slow tide and strong wind.
We returned to the shallow point with nausea.

We challenged the “micro jigging” with Ultra light tackle, which is lighter than the light tackle.
The PE was Momoi Ryujin (Japanese No.0.6) and the Leader was Momoi Hi-catch
Fluorocarbon Neo pink.
Also we used the microflip 35g from Gear-lab.
With the slow jigging feeling the sea bottom, Yoshi hit the target.
It was big red spotted grouper.

After that Yuko felt a bite. She lifted the fish to the sea with bending the rod but the fish escaped without landing net. She was shocked by releasing the good Sea bass.
But she hit again and got the small red sea bream. No matter how big the fish is, all of us got the souvenir.
Later, Yoshi got red sea bream and Ken got Sea bass, puffer fish, rock fish and red sea bream. Although we could not get the big ones but we played with many kinds of fish.

Our fishing friend got and gave us the flounder.
It was very interesting to play with the fish by microjigging using fine size PE.
We are sure it will be the new trend of fishing.

We finished this trip by eating roasted local chicken.

We thank for the fun fishing day and the rich sea. 

8月20日 玄界灘ジギング釣行



メインラインはMOMOI JigLine MX8 3号、リーダーはMomoi Shock Leader60LB 。ジグにはギアラボのFast Flipを装備。速いただ巻で誘います。ほどなく原田にヒット。軽かったので何かなと思えば小さなエソ。海にお帰りになられました。ジグをアシスト工房のインチクに変更。こちらはゆっくりを誘いのアクションを入れます。ほどなくして原田に再ヒット。さっきよりは引きが強く、上がってきたのは高級魚アコウ(キジハタ)。お土産ゲットで原田上機嫌。



ここではライトタックルよりもライトなウルトラライトタックルを使ったマイクロジギングに挑戦。PEMomoi 龍神(日本規格0.6号相当)。リーダーはMomoi Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon NEO pink。ジグはギアラボのマイクロフリップ35g。海底を探りながらゆっくり引いてくると、これまでに何度か当たりはあった中納に待望のヒット。上がってきたのは良型のアコウ。うれしいお土産ゲット。